Autonomous Heliostat Solar Tracking System
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HelioMaster is an autonomous heliostat solar tracking system for solar power tower fields

  • Autonomous Tracking Device

    HelioMaster includes a small camera + electronic control box which is mounted onto the surface of each heliostat.

  • Optically Closed Loop

    The HelioMaster includes a device that constantly measures the position of the sun and the target relative to the heliostat.

  • Direct Stepper Motor Control

    Embedded processor continuously analyzes the data and issues movement signals to the heliostat’s electrical motors.

  • Patented Technology


The patented HelioMaster advantages compared to existing heliostat tracking systems


Accurate control without a central controller (~1 mrad)

Reduced communication and computing needs

Drastically reduces communication traffic and computing needs since each heliostat becomes autonomous with HelioMaster

Zero calibration work

Eliminate calibration costs - no calibration work required in installation or during operation

Reduced motor cost

HelioMaster enables the usage of inexpensive motors without feedback device

Reduced heliostat cost

HelioMaster enables the usage of inexpensive, imprecise gearing system for heliostats

Simple installation

Simple installation of the HelioMaster during solar field set up


Solar XY aims to reduce the cost of solar energy production in solar power plants by installing an autonomous solar tracker on each heliostat.

The Solar XY team has extensive experience in motion control, sensors, robotics, algorithms, machine vision, computers networks, and industrial automation.

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